I don’t know about you, but I’ve collected thousands of grand ol’ recipes over the years. I’ve tried to write it down, saved in files on my computer, placed it in files…..but man, it is HARD work to keep up with it all!

And then, sometimes, you come across a delish recipe in magazine, you think: ”Oeeee, this looks YUMMY!”, but then you promptly forget it as soon as you’ve finished reading the magazine! I just HATE that, don’t you?

Hence, this blog…..on the one hand I want to share all the old family recipes with others. I’m NOT Nigella, but I do think I have a kind of ”throw-it-all-in-a-pot-and-cook-as-fast-as-you-can” knack with food….that according to my husband. (But maybe he is just being careful around the old witch….yes, that would be me! I can be quite deadly with a broom, see! Ask any spider!)

To continue…on the OTHER hand…this is JUST the spot for those pesky recipes you find on the net or (in the net…hahaha) or in magazines or hear somewhere, or whatever…..now, all I have to do is REMEMBER to post it!!! Pesky, because they tend to be VERY slippery….as  in slipping from the ol’ mind.

In addition to the recipes, I include some tips and ideas I pick up along the way.

So….I hope you enjoy it all tremendously. You can believe I’ve tried them all, tested and tasted all and will NEVER post anything that I don’t personally like (sorry about that, I’m selfish that way). But, you’re lucky, because I am not a picky eater….when it comes to food I may not be Jamie Oliver or Nigella or Martha Stewart….but I believe in trying everything and that it is rude to pull a face at a dish someone offers you. Not that I think I’ll be able to swallow live octopus or wriggling scorpions (eeeuw!)….but I can at least LOOK without, you know, showing too much disgust.

That said….I’m leaving you at it…have a look-see and maybe you’ll even try something! If I’m absent from the blog for a bit, it is only because I’m occupied elsewhere (I do have a house, a charity, a practice, 3 children and a husband to ”run” you  know!). So please be patient and come visit again…..

If you’d like to get in touch (maybe with a recipe or two of your own, or some kitchen tips) please complete the contact form below and we’ll have us a little chat!





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