Welcome to my gastronomic adventure!! #feast

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I’ve never considered myself to be a typical ‘Nigella’ or ‘Jamie Oliver’. I have huge admiration for people who are so very passionate about food. Me, well, I just kind of wake up in the morning and decide what to present to the family during the day. The only planning usually comes in when I purchase food…I, at least, have some type of grocery list. Oh, I’ve tried in the past to ‘plan’ meals ahead of time, but that rarely works….I just cook what I feel like cooking.

Despite this ‘lack’ of enthusiasm, I usually try to make a variety of meals in the course of a month….not the same old, same old every day. I’m also not quite the ‘steak and chips night’ kind of person….it is only on Fridays that we do anything resembling tradition. Friday nights usually are ‘take-away-evenings’. But the rest of the week, well, meals are mostly dependent on my mood.

It was only with the discovery of Pinterest that I finally found a way to bring some sort of structure to my cooking. I also (surprise, there!) found a bit of REAL love for food. It is very interesting to see what other people are preparing and how they do it and suddenly I realised that I also have quite a treasure trove of recipes and cooking secrets that I can share. In addition, placing all the recipes and ideas in blog-form will help to pass it on to others, as many of it has its origins in the past. Some came from my great-grandmother even!!! Some recipes actually date back to the 1920’s, and I literally have the papers to prove it! I found these among recipes collected by my grandmother….she used to cut out meal plans and recipes that were printed in the papers and magazines of the day and I have these original ‘cuts’. Amazing, huh?

So, you will find, as the blog progresses and I add recipes and ideas for meals and so forth, that some of it has really been handed down through my family for generations, some of it is new and modern, but know this….I have indeed tried all of them. Sometimes with my own touch (mostly actually, I’m not good with keeping to a recipe!)…and by doing so, I have found new and interesting ways to present certain basic recipes.

Perhaps I am a foodie, after all, then! Maybe not one that can make grand, cordon bleu meals, but definitely one that can creatively throw together something that EVERYONE in the world will be able to make. As a plus, you can trust me to present you with ideas that will be quick (I hate elaborate, fancy stuff), tasty and versatile.

So, friends…..keep your eyes (and oranges) peeled….great things are coming!


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